Whenever I read an article about climate change, it almost ways seems to be followed streams of comments decrying the entire premiss of global warming.  Disagreement is fine – but what these comments have most often than not seems to be that the author turned their brain off before bashing away at the keyboard.

They have an impossibly high standard of conduct and documentation from the proponents of global warming but will cite any old shit in support of their view.  Any lapse or error from proponents of global warming, no matter how slight, is taken as proof of conspiracy/hoax and incompetence.  Yet the those in denial of global warming and of science can misquote, cherry pick, make shit up, behave like massive cock-asses all they like and that’s ok.

The arrogance of these people is staggering; amateur climatologists and conspiracy theorists who seem to think that we all had a big meeting and decided to redefine the scientific method as ‘what they agree with/understand is science and what they don’t agree with/understand is not.’ Yeah, right.

This stuff is so badly written and poorly argued that it is just begging to have the piss taken out of it.  And here, that’s what I do.  Feel free to email me links to stupid comments and dumb-ass articles (to thestupiditburns at googlemail dot com).

Some of the stuff here is categorised under:

  • Stupid_idiot_of_the_day – Congratulations!  Your dumb pounding of a keyboard has won you this covered award.  This is the special idiot-broth of the internet distilled for a laugh.
  • It_has_already_happened – Things we have already seen happening due to climate change.  That’s right – stuff people are seeing now.  It’s easy to ignore warnings, but harder to account for that fact they there are already lots of things happening right now.  This tag points to them.
  • Dunning–Kruger_effect – This is a cognitive bias in which people who don’t know shit about a subject overestimate their ability in it, because in not knowing shit-all they don’t know how much there is that they don’t know.  It’s ignorance squared and you see it all the time in debates of climate change.
  • Science_101 – This tag is for shit-sticks who make comments where the most basic premises about science is so badly understood that a school kid would be embarrassed to get it wrong.  You need to go back to school.  Or to school in the first place.  Either way you’re not in any position to lecture anyone on anything technical.

This project is funded by the Soros Foundation, Al Gore Enterprises Ltd and The Communist Party of America (Marxist-Leninist Tendency).  Not.  It’s funded by the New World Order.  Not. It’s a freebie I do for fun. It is. Yes, I’ve got nothing better to do with my time.

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