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Monckton, A God Amongst Twats

Monckton, aka Christopher Walter Monckton aka 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is a climate change scepticdenialist. He is also a massive, massive twat in a field dominated by massive twats. That is some twatery at work!

So why am I being mean to Monckton. One of hundreds of reasons would do but today it is this comment – the first winner of the coveted ‘Stupid_idiot_of_the_day‘ award for this gem:

New Scientist, once a good journal of science for the layman, but now a mere craven, Lysenkoist-Marxist toady to whatever the current scientific party line happens to be.

What the fuck.  I read new scientist and it is lots of things, but one thing it ain’t is Lysenkoist-Marxist toady.  For-fucks-sake; it is littered with ads from oil companies like Shell and BP recruiting and the like- would they really be advertising in a communist magazine?  No.  It’s exaggeration without foundation to make a point about why they think he’s full of shit.  Next – the scientific-party line?  Is there a ‘scientific-party’?  No.  Even if there were a line followed, how does this get decided?  A shadow cabal of evil scientists?  It’s a stupid ass comment and if it were said in jest, that would be fine, but the guy was serious.  And a massive, massive twat.